AA1314589 - DOB 03/08/04

7-4  91 EEE

SS: +*B Willow Run Caesar
SIRE: *B Willow Run Caesar Redemption ~ 89 VVV
     SD: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M ~ 92 EEEE

4X ADGA National Champion

     DS: +*B Hoach's Revolution ~ 90 EEE

DAM: Waiilatpu HR Abigail 3*M ~ 90 EEEV ~ 1 CH leg
     DD: SG Waiilatpu Cowboy's Amethyst 2*M ~ 90 EEVE

'99 National Best Udder/1st 3 year old ADGA Nat'l Show

Ace is an outstanding buck. He is super long and tall, with a board level topline, correct feet and legs, and an incredible rump measuring over 9 inches across. he has sired some very nice offspring including the Senior Grand Champion and Junior Grand Champion as well as BJDIS at the Oregon State Fair in 2008.

Ace's littermate sister, Waiilatpu Abby was 3rd/1st udder milking yearling at the 2005 National Show. Another herd had a BJDIS from Ace in limited showing.

Ace is hands-down the most easy going gentle Alpine buck I have ever been around...he is truly a gentle giant. Many, many thanks to Kathy and Susan of Waiilatpu Dairy Goats for breeding such an outstanding buck and entrusting him to our care. We have used Ace heavily this year and are looking forward to an outstanding kid crop.

Dam: Waiilatpu HR Abigail 3*M ~ 90 EEEV
Mat. granddam: SG Waiilatpu Cowboy's Amethyst 2*M

Pat. granddam: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 2*M   92 EEEE
2000 Nat'l Champ/Best Udder, 2002 Nat'l Champ/Best Udder, 2003 Nat'l Champ/Res. Best Udder and
2004 Nat'l Champ

Ace's littermate sister: Waiilatpu WRR Abby
2-05   VG-89  VEVE after battling mastitis, coed for lopsided udder
3rd/1st udder milking yearling 2005 ADGA National Show
10th place 3 year old 2007 Nationals even being uneven

Photos courtesy of Waiilatpu Alpines

AA1313740- DOB 03/28/04

92 EEEE at 4 yrs

SS:+*B Walnut-Fork Sundance Cheyenne
SIRE:+*B SG Cherry-Glen WFSC Esquire
SD: SGCH Cherry-Glen Teehead Eileen 7*M 05-02 90 VEEE

DS: GCH ++*B Clovertop's Fire Storm
DAM: GCH Olentangy Fiery Adularia 5*M 4-03 92 EEEE
DD: Olentangy Advantage Aquamarine 4*M


Ariston is a large powerful buck who excels in all areas of the score card. His daughters show improved top lines, wider rear leg sets and rumps than their dams, excellent feet, legs, and front ends. His daughters are freshening with beautiful mammary's that have improved area of udder attachment as well as longer, smoother fore udders and higher, wider rear udders than their dams.

Ariston's sire, Esquire, has produced many outstanding offspring in the Cherry-Glen herd including:
SGCH Cherry-Glen Esquire Finesse 10*M 05-03 92 EEEE, '02 National Jr Champion, 2nd place 2yr old at the 03' Nationals, 3rd place 3yr old at the '04 Nationals.
SGCH Cherry-Glen Esquire Faye 10*M 05-03 92 EEEE, 1st place 2yr old '03 Nationals
SG Cherry-Glen Esquire Avenir 1*M 05-02 92 EEEE, 2nd place 3yr old at the '05 Nationals
Cherry-Glen Esquire Future, '05 National Jr Champion

Ariston's dam, Adularia is a beautiful doe and one of my all time favorite alpines, she is just spectacular to look at and has many high national show placings as well as being the Res All-American Sr. Kid in '01, the Res All-American 2 yr old in '03, and the All-American 4yr winner in '05. Ariston is throwing into his kids the same lovely style and dairy character of his dam

Ariston's Dam - Adularia
4-03 92 EEEE
Ariston's Paternal Sister:
SG Cherry Glen Esquire Avenir 1*M
05-02 92 EEEE

Ariston's Paternal Sister:
SGCH Cherry Glen Esquire Horizon 3*M
02-04 92 EEEE Multiple 3000+ lb lactations

Ariston's Maternal Granddam - Eileen
 05-02 90 VEEE

Photo of Adularia courtesy of Olentangy Alpines
Other photos courtesy of Cherry Glen Farm

L1361713  DOB 02/23/06

SS: ++*B Kastdemur's Inside Information ~ 92 EEE
SIRE: +*Kastdemur's Bad Attitude ~ 90 EEE
     SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Bad Habits 1*M ~ 90 EEVE
     DS:  *B Altrece Gideon
DAM:  Altrece Legally Blonde
     DD:  Altrece Never Any Trouble
Dam: Altrece Legally Blonde

Photo of Legal courtesy of
South-Fork LaManchas
.  Photos of Legally Blonde courtesy of Altrece LaManchas

L1414676  DOB 04/01/07

SS: *B South-Fork TRS Sundance Kid
SIRE: +*B South-Fork SK Class Act ~ 93 EEE
     SD: GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M ~ 92 EEEE, 07 National GCH

     DS:  ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tumult ~ 92 EEE
DAM:  GCH Tempo Peggy 8*M ~ 92 EEEE
     DD:  GCH Tempo Surya 7*M ~ 92 EEEE


Classic's  dam:
GCH Tempo Peggy 8*M

Classic's Paternal Granddam:
GCH South Fork H Cayenne 3*M
LA at 6 years - 92 EEEE

2007 National Champion

1st place Sr. Kid 1998 Nationals, 8th place Yearling Milker '99 Nationals, 2nd place Four Year Old with 2nd udder 2002 Nationals, 2nd place 5-6 Yr. Old Milker with 3rd udder '03 Nationals, 2nd place Aged doe with 2nd udder '05 Nationals. 1st place aged doe with 2nd udder, and winner of the lifetime awards for both milk and butterfat at the '06 Nationals. Res. All American 2 Yr. Old Milker in 2000, All American 3 Yr. Old Milker (tie) in '01, Res. All American 4 Yr. Old (tie) in '02, and All American Aged Doe and Supreme All American Milker in '03 and Res. All American Aged Doe in '05. 2007 National Champion.

A Classic choice daughter in the South-Fork herd
GCH South-Fork Classic Juliet

Classic's Maternal Granddam:
GCH Tempo Surya 7*M

Photo of Surya courtesy of
Tempo Dairy Goats

Photos of Classic Choice, Cayenne and Juliet courtesy of South-Fork LaManchas
.  Photo of Peggy courtesy of Shady Lawn Farm Goats

L1581632 - DOB 02/26/11

SS: *B Willow Run Brigand Pluto
SIRE: Willow Run WRP Sirius Black
    SD: Willow-Run Bugatti Solar Eclipse

    DS:*B Kastdemur's Cyclone
DAM: SH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Tawny ~ 92 EEEE
    DD: CH Autumn-Acres Talon's Tressa
Dam: CH Autumn Acres Tressa's Tawny
Sire: Willow Run WRP Sirius Black
Mat. granddam: CH Autumn Acres Talon's Tressa ~ 92 EVEE Pat. granddam: Willow Run Bugatti Solar Eclipse ~ 90 VEEE
Mat. great-granddam: GCH Autumn Acres Summer Thyme 1*M Pat. great-granddam: GCH Willow Run GC Surata 2*M ~ 87 VVEV
 '03 & '04 ADGA National Champ,
'02 Res. Natl Champ
Mat. great-granddam:
GCH Kastdemur's Citra 2*M ~ 92  EEVE
Pat. great-granddam: GCH Willow Run Marek Venus 1*M ~ 92 EEEE
3/4 Sister: CH Autumn Acres Tressa's Tara ~ 91 EEEE
Pat. Sister: CH Autumn Acres Sett Them Strait ~ 91 EEEE


Photos of Tawny, Tressa, Venus, Thyme, Sirius, Solar Eclipse, Sett & Tara
courtesy of
Autumn Acres Dairy Goats
Photo of Citra courtesy of Kastdemur's Dairy Goats

L1398785 DOB 03/01/06


2 yrs- 90 VEE
2009 All-American 2yr old buck!

 SS: *B Redwood-Hills Ely Virtuosity
SIRE: *B CH Willow Run Virtuosity Sunra ~ 90 EVE
SD: SGCH Willow Run GC Surata 2*M ~ 87 VVEV

DS: +*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher ~ 92 EEE
DAM: SGCH Devonshire RC Sophia 1*M ~ 91 EVEE
DD: Hampton-Halls Penelopy's Riana

I fell in love with Serrated’s dam, Sophia, and knew right away that I wanted to add a son to my herd. I contacted Devonshire dairy goats and made the appropriate arrangements, all that was left to do then was wait. I could not have been more thrilled when Beth called to give me the good news, Serrated had arrived. He was well worth the wait, what a boy. Serrated is long, tall, level and open with excellent feet and legs, combined with an absolutely phenomenal pedigree I feel he is really something special. I am just so excited about this fellow and used him quite heavily in 06. His offspring all have very good type with good strength of topline and feet and legs, they show improved width between the hocks and high wide escutcheons. His first daughters have freshened with beautiful well attached mammary systems they show improvements in strength of medial suspensitory ligament height and width to rear udders and smoothness and blending of the fore udder.

Semen is available at the farm 5/$100
Serrated's dam:
SGCH Devonshire RC Sophia 1*M ~ 5-03 91 EVEE
Serrated's Paternal Granddam:
SGCH Willow Run GC Surata 2*M ~ 02-02 87 VVEV
'02 Res National Champion, '03 & '04 National Champion
Serrated's sire:
*B CH Willow Run Virtousity Sunra ~ 03-02 90 EVE

L1317303 - DOB 06/22/04

3-11 ~ 92 EEE

SS: ++*B Lucky*Star's B Desperado ~ 86 VEE
SIRE:  +*B Miscellaenous Sid's Caesar
SD: GCH Miscellaneous Sindi's Sidney 3*M ~ 88 VEEE

DS: SG Hogg's-Hideaway Chalupa
(Son of SGCH Hogg's Hideaway Chimera 1*M ~ 91 EEEE-
'94 & '96 National GCH)
DAM: SG Tempo Elena  04-03 90 EEEV
DD: GCH Tempo Katya 6*M ~ 90 VEEE

Sergei  is long, level, and stretchy, standing on extremely nice feet and legs . His dam, Elena is exquisite having one of the highest, widest rear udders I have seen. His SIRE is impressive as well producing multiple GCH's and lots of milk. His paternal sister Bewitched is gorgeous, going 8 times BOB as well as BOB at the district 7 specialty in 2004, another Paternal sister Barnowl Curlie Q was Jr. National Champion in '05. I am extremely pleased with Sergei’s offspring. They show improved size, strength of bone, and length of body. He is also improving feet and legs, and area of udder attachment, as well as teat size, shape, placement and is adding increased milk production.

Semen is available at the farm 5/$100
Sergei's dam - SG Tempo Elena 90 EEEV
Paternal sister, SG Barnowl Curlie Q ~ 91 EEEE

Photos courtesy of Barnowl LaManchas

L1267274 - DOB 03/04/03

5 yrs- 91 EEE
 SS: +B GCH Flyaway Dutch Bahama ~  91 EEE
SIRE: *B CH South-Fork Tropical Bahama
SD: SGCH South-Fork Charming Trinket 2*M ~ 90 EEVE

DS: +B Timber*Cove M Sir Hershey ~  89 VEE (18 GCH Daughters)
DAM: GCH South-Fork H Cayenne 4*M ~ 92 EEEE
'07 National GCH
DD: South-Fork CH Firefly 3*M ~  87 VEV+

Cruise is a great buck with a phenomenal pedigree. He is very structurally correct and he definitely passes it on. His daughters are long, level, and have excellent feet and legs. He not only improves general appearance and feet and legs, but mammary systems as well. His daughters are freshening with higher wider rear udders, more extended fore udders and improved teat placement over their dams.

His 1st fresh daughter, Twinkie, was 8th placed milking yearling at the 2005 Nationals and easily finished her championship as a 2 yr old. He has several other daughters with champion legs who I hope to finish in the future. Cruise's dam, Cayenne, was the '07 National Champion/Best udder at 9yrs of age. Another Cayenne son, *B South Fork SK Class Act owned by Shady Lawn Farms was the '07 National Premier Sire. The correctness of type and mammary systems, not to mention the longevity is just awesome in the South-Fork herd. Thank you to Marilou and Richie Webb for their great contributions to the LaMancha breed. Cruise continues to pass these awesome traits into his offspring.
Semen is available at the farm 5/$150

Cruise's dam, GCH South Fork H Cayenne 3*M ~ LA at 6 years - 92 EEEE
2007 National Champion
1st place Sr. Kid 1998 Nationals, 8th place Yearling Milker '99  Nationals,
2nd place 4 yr old, 2nd udder '02 Nationals
2nd 5-6 Yr. Old , 3rd udder '03 Natls
 2nd place Aged doe, 2nd udder
'05 Nationals.
1st place aged doe, 2nd udder, and winner of  lifetime awards for both milk and butterfat at the '06 and '07 Nationals.
Res. All American 2 Yr. Old '00, All American
3 Yr. Old (tie) in '01, Res. All American 4 Yr. Old (tie) in '02, and All American Aged Doe and Supreme All
 American Doe in '03 and Res. All American Aged Doe in
'07 National Champion and part of the 1st Place Dairy Herd and 1st Place Best 3 Sr. Females. 

Cate-Res National Champion '07 Cayenne- National Champion '07
Cruise Sr Get- Destiny, Kadisha, Twinkie Cruise’s Paternal Granddam:
SGCH South-Fork Charming Trinket 2*M
05-04 90 EEVE

3rd place 3 Yr. Old Milker, part of the 2nd place Best  3 Sr. Females, 3rd place Dairy Herd, 2nd place Produce of dam at the '02 Nationals,
awards for both milk and butterfat at the 2003 Nationals, All American 3 year old & Supreme All American doe in 2002, and All American 4 year old doe in 2003.

Cruise Daughter - GCH Huricane-PM Cruise's Twinkie 3*M
4yrs- 91 EEVE
Cruise Daughter - GCH Huricane-PM SFTC Destiny ~ 3 yrs- 91 VEEE

 L1243845 - DOB 03/07/02
'Elite SIRE

SS: +B Timber*Cove M Sir Hershey ~  89 VEE (18 GCH Daughters)
SIRE: +*B South-Fork HC Cassanova ~ 86 VVV
SD: SGCH South-Fork TB Cady 2*M ~ 90 EEEE
DS: *B Redwood Hills Triple Shot ~ 90 VEE
DAM: GCH South-Fork TRS Callie 1*M ~  90 VEEE
DD: South-Fork VT Flame's Ember

Semen is available at the farm. 5/$125
Tremors dam, GCH South Fork TRS Callie 1*M
07-03 90 VEEE
Tremors full sister, South-Fork CN Raven
Raven was All-American milking yearling in 2000

L1160196 DOB 4/2/00

6-01 92 EEE
 SS: ++*B SG Winterwood's The Medicine Man
SIRE: ++*B GCH One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed LA 91 EEE
'03 National Premier Sire
SD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Tullia 1*M LA 2-03 90 EEVV

DS: +*B One*Oak*Hill Harlequin
DAM: One*Oak*Hill Harlequin Marin LA 3-03 89 VVVE
DD: One*Oak*Hill Mac Minstrel

Conagher is another animal that made the long trek from Florida this year to join our herd. Conagher is a buck that I have admired by for the past several years and I cannot thank Kelley Hines of Here-be-Goats and Beth Kennelly of Devonshire Dairy Goats enough for sending him to us. 

He is the kind of buck that you just want to stand at the fence and watch for hours. He is extremely tall and long bodied with a beautiful top line and rump. He is very smoothly blended with excellent angulation throughout. Conagher has been producing beautiful daughters in the Devonshire and Here-Be-Goats herds in FL the past several years.

Conagher's offspring show improved general appearance as well as improvements in the mammary having more correct teat placement, wider rear udders and longer smoother fore udders than their dams.

Conagher's Daughter
SGCH Devonshire RC Sophia, 2 yr old
05-03 91 EVEE

Conagher's sire's full sister
SGCH One*Oak*Hill Medicine Tuzla
06-03 91 VEEE
 '02 ADGA National Champion
Conagher's Daughter
SGCH Twin Cypress OOHTC Flutterby 1*M ~ 4-04 92 EEEE
Picture courtesy of Hoof and Horn dairy goats.
Conagher's DAM:
On*e Oak* Hill Harlequin Marin LA 3-03 89 VVVE

Photo of Sophia courtesy of Devonshire Dairy Goats
Photo of Flutterby courtesy of Hoof and Horn Dairy Goats


T1429493 - DOB 03/29/07


   SS: ++*B Nadou Ana Advantage ~ 87 +EE

      SIRE: ++*B Tansy-Hill Advantage Shiloh ~ 88 VEV

           SD: SG Tansy Hill SS Critic's Choice 6*M ~ 89 VEVE


           DS: +B Eder's JJ Navigator

      DAM: CH Eder's EN Poppy ~ 92 EEEE

           DD: Eder's Night Flower ~ 83 +V++



DAM: CH Eder's EN Poppy
5-04 92 EEEE
2002 Natl. Res. Jr. Champion

Mat. sister: CH Eder's ET Velicity
5-04  90 EEEV
3-02  91 EEEE
XL Dtr: Alize Fortune For You
pictured as a yearling
Senior Get of Sire of Nadou Ana Advantage (XL's pat. grandsire)
1993 ADGA National Show
which includes GCH Tansy Hill NAA Chantilly 7*M 5-03  91 VEEE and
GCH Tansy Hill NAA Chanel 7*M  6-03  90 EEEE
These does are full sisters to Shiloh (XL's sire)

Photo of Poppy and Velicity courtesy of Eder's Toggs
Photo of Fortune For You courtesy of Alize Dairy Goats

T1463182  DOB: 04/23/08

  SS: ++*B Nimrodel Sausalito 03-01 87 VVV
SIRE: Little-O-Acres Salsa Seattle
SD: GCH Outlaw-Acres Tootles 1*M
    DS: ++*B Whisper'N'Pines MDKP Jaguar ~ 91 EEE
DAM: GCH Whisper'N'Pines MNPJ Footloose 4*M ~ 91 EEEE
    DD:  Whisper'N'Pines Caliper Finola 3*M ~ 91 EEEE

Famous in an extremely correct buckling with a long level top line, and a very correct leg set. He is from out the "F" line which is extremely prepotent. His dam, Footloose, is one of my favorite does.

His maternal brother sired the National Toggenburg Jr. Champion in '05, his 2 maternal sisters, Whisper'N'Pines WNPF Frenzy ~ 91 EEEE was 4th place 4yr old at '03 Nationals, and Whisper'N'Pines NS Frezza ~ 91 EEEE was 1st place 2yr old at '03 Nationals. Another maternal brother, Freedom, sired the 9th place milking yearling, the 6th place Jr. kid, the 7th and 10th place Sr. kids, and the 4th place Jr. Get of Sire at the '07 Nationals.

His sire's twin sister was 2nd place 3 yr old at the 2003 ADGA National show as well as being in the 1st place Get of Sire class with the National Champion, LassenWood Sausalito Tequila. His sire,  Seattle, has 8 daughters with their dry legs, 2 does so far that have finished their GCH’s, 3 daughters that have won their *M status”, and a daughter who has appraised VEEE 90.


GCH Whisper 'N' Pines WNPJ Footloose 4*M
 07-04 91 EEVE
Sire's Paternal Sister:
 Lassenwood Sausalito Tequila
04-03 89 EEEV
2003 National Champion
Sire's Twin sister CH Little-O-Acres Tootles Token in the center was
part of the 1st place get of SIRE for ++*B NIMRODEL SAUSALITO
at the 2003 Nationals.
Twin Sister:
CH Little-O-Acres Tootles Token
2nd Place 3yr old '03 Nationals

AT1534981 - DOB 02/24/09

02-04  86 VVV

 SS: ++*B Cottage Hill Whitakers Titan ~ 90 EVE

SIRE: Little*Creek CHWT Truman

    SD: CH Little*Creek DDCC Savannah ~ 90 VEEE


    DS: ++*B SGCH Sun-Kissed Razzddw Whinchezter ~ 92 EEE
DAM: CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine ~ 92 EEEE
    DD: GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice 1*M ~ 93 EEEE



GCH Waiilatpu Charlie's Janice 1*M  93 EEEE

Maternal Sister:
CH Waiilatpu SKRW Janine
05-04 92 EEEE

Photos courtesy of Waiilatpu Alpines

LA 87

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